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Celebrating Thanksgiving at Work

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We've created ready-to-use celebration kits to take the pressure off preparing for, and celebrating, all the most common office holidays. Get useful tips, fun ideas, and handy downloadables to make the day something truly worth celebrating. 

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Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a great time to remember to be thankful for all that we have and to enjoy a couple days off. It’s also a chance to celebrate and express gratitude at work. We’ve compiled some ideas and some resources to help you make your seasonal parties a success! 

Celebrate with a company-wide email.

Send out an email to your entire team reminding them how grateful you are for them and all the hard work they do. Not sure what to say? We have a template for that. 

Start a gratitude wall.

Dedicate a wall in your workplace to gratitude. You can put out post-it notes or cards and have people write what they’re grateful for and then stick it on the wall. Do this for a week or so before Thanksgiving and watch as your office gets flooded with gratitude. 

If you’re remote, start a Slack or Teams channel all about being thankful.

Thanksgiving Poster on Office Wall
Sometimes a well-placed poster is just what we need to remember to give thanks.

Express gratitude for your coworkers.

You should recognize the people around you often, but Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to encourage your employees to show gratitude for each other. You can remind your team to look for all the ways the people around them help them every day.

Have everyone bring in their leftovers on Monday.

Most people have too many leftovers after Thanksgiving. What better way to get rid of them AND share traditions with each other than to have everyone bring their leftovers in? Ask people to share stories from their holidays while you share food. 

Do a donation drive.

Find out what charities in your area need. Do they need food, coats, monetary donations, volunteers? Host a drive that supports your local community and encourages your employees to give back. 

Giving Tuesday

While people are in the grateful mood, it’s a great time to think about giving. Giving Tuesday happens the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and we have more ideas about that right here.

Need some digital assets for your office celebrations or social media? Download them here. 

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