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Celebrating Valentine's Day at Work

Share the (workplace appropriate) love with your employees.

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We've created ready-to-use celebration kits to take the pressure off preparing for, and celebrating, all the most common office holidays. Get useful tips, fun ideas, and handy downloadables to make the day something truly worth celebrating. 

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A lovingly crafted playlist of love songs to play on Valentine's Day at work. Or any day. No judgement here.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The romance, the chocolates, the flowers, the sitting at home alone eating ice cream by the bucket, the soul-crushing disappointment…anyone else? No? Ahem, anyway, no matter your personal relationship status, Valentine’s Day can be a great way to celebrate your employees at work. Download our celebration kit and read below to get some other ideas.

Celebrate friendships at work.

All sorts of studies say that having a friend at work makes employees more engaged and happy, but for this kit, we don’t care about the statistics. Everyone knows having friends is vital! Celebrate friendships at work by giving your employees a longer lunch that allows them to get to know one another better. You could also plan games or activities that help foster new friendships.

Bring in treats.

Okay, okay, we’re huge supporters of healthy snacks at the office…but it’s Valentine’s Day! Bring in some candy, chocolate, donuts, or other fitting treats for everyone in the office. To share your love and appreciation in an even better way, send out a survey to figure out what everyone would enjoy the most and personalize your snacks (for dietary restrictions as well). You can go back to celery sticks and apple slices next week.

Combine with Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Random Acts of Kindness Day just so happens to fall on the same week as Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect way to celebrate love and appreciation in a work appropriate way (if you’re worried about bringing romance into the office). Lump these two celebrations and think of ways you can serve your employees or give them opportunities to serve others!

End the day early.

Give your employees extra time to spend with friends and family on Valentine’s Day. Yes, we’re all about making work fun, but let’s be honest—most of your employees probably want to spend the holiday with people they love. Give them a few extra hours to make the most of Valentine’s Day.

Transform the office into Candyland.

Pass out some of your favorite candies throughout the day. Fill a few different-sized jars with different kinds of candy (make sure to count them when you put them in!) so that employees can guess the number. Whoever guesses correctly gets the whole jar! Or provide cookies, frosting, sprinkles, and a decorating station, and let your employees decorate their own treats. These types of games can often provide bonding experiences to strengthen those friendships.

Pamper everyone with massages.

One of the most effective ways to make someone feel appreciated is to pamper them. And a massage is the pinnacle of pampering. Bring in a massage therapist for quick, 15-minute massages for each of your employees throughout the day.

Celebrate remote employees.

Remote employees need to feel the love, too, and you have a few great options to make their Valentine’s Day special. Send a gift to their homes to show your appreciation, such as:

  • Edible flower arrangements
  • Real flower arrangements
  • A box of chocolates
  • A romantic dinner for two
  • A letter with an AwardCode inside

Build a culture of caring no matter where your employees are!

Recognize everyone!

What kind of rewards and recognition company would we be if we didn’t mention this? But don’t think this is just an obligation—recognizing your teams is a fantastic way to show them that you care! Send handwritten cards expressing your appreciation for each employee’s hard work, and make them as personalized as possible. And if you recognize them through Awardco, you can give them points as well!

Download our holiday kit.

Check out our kit full of work appropriate Valentine’s Day card messages, email templates, and Spotify playlists to set the mood for your workplace this February.

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