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Ideas for Celebrating Diwali at Work

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Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, is India’s biggest holiday of the year and is celebrated over five days (usually sometime between October and November). Similar to Christmas for Christians, Diwali is an important religious occasion, where friends and families celebrate the new year with decorations, feasts, and, of course, light.

Because Diwali is such an important holiday for many, learning how to properly celebrate it at work can be a great way to increase your culture’s supportiveness and inclusivity. Here are some ideas.

Encourage Employees’ Artistic Sides with Rangolis

Rangoli is a traditional Indian folk art that is created to bring luck and prosperity to a household. Rangoli art is usually drawn on the ground with materials like rice flour, flower petals, chalk, lentils, dry pasta, or beans. Patterns range from flowers to geometric shapes.

Provide employees with the materials and some time to create their own Rangoli art—and make sure to explain the history and significance of such an activity.

Hire a Henna Professional

Henna is a traditional art that is believed to bring good luck. Hire a professional Henna artist to draw traditional patterns on employees’ hands. While it’s traditional for women to get henna, let male and female employees take part!

Light Up the Office

At a Festival of Light celebration, light should naturally be a main theme. Decorate the office with paper lamps and LED candles, streamer fireworks, and gold-colored decorations as well. These simple decorations can really bring in the festive spirit for Diwali.

Let Employees Get to Know Each Other Over Lunch

Providing traditional Indian cuisine is a great idea—and giving employees the opportunity to get to know each other better makes a great idea even better! Diwali is all about strengthening the bonds between family and friends, so employees should have the chance to do so as well.

Reimagine Secret Santa Into a Diwali Gift Exchange

Giving gifts is an important part of Diwali celebrations, so consider holding a gift exchange for employees. You can make it even more thematic by asking for specific types of traditional Diwali gifts, such as jewelry, home decor, or sweets.

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