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Why celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teachers dedicate their lives to teaching; thank them for their efforts!

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Who was your favorite teacher? Does that question bring an instant answer to mind, along with some fond memories of school, learning, and friendships? It definitely does for us! Teachers play a huge role in our development and learning, and they can influence who we become as adults. However, it’s no secret that teaching is seen as a difficult, sometimes thankless job. It’s time we changed that!

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May of each year, and it’s the perfect time to show the teachers in your organization how much you care about and appreciate them.

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Why worry about Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teachers face difficult challenges, unique stresses, and social pressures on an almost daily basis. According to reports, 75% of teachers report high levels of job-related stress (as opposed to only 40% of other working adults), and that’s not all. The rate of depression in teachers is high as well.

Even that’s not the end of it. With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still influencing education, more than half of the teachers in public schools want to quit.

This is alarming not only because teachers deserve to be happy and healthy at work (which they 100% do!), but also because of how important teachers are to each and every one of us. Take a look at some of these statistics:

  • 54% of students say a teacher has helped them through a difficult time.
  • 88% of students say teachers have had a significant and positive influence on their lives.
  • 75% of students claim their teachers are role models and mentors to them.
  • 80% of students say they’ve had teachers who encouraged them to follow their dreams.
  • 98% of people believe a good teacher can have an incredible and lasting impact on a person’s life.

Teachers have a hard job, but they also have a vitally important one. So this year, take advantage of Teacher Appreciation Week. Use the first week in May to recognize the hard work your teachers put in, reward them for their efforts, and celebrate the good they bring to your organization.

Support your teachers in their journey of raising, teaching, and influencing the rising generation. And considering that recognition lowers turnover rates and frustration levels while raising motivation and engagement, your teachers may experience lower stress and a renewed passion for their work.

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